We did it!  Plastic Madonna Brazil is a fact. 

Maybe you think Plastic Madonna wants to create awareness about Plastic Soup? This is partially the case. Yes, the statue wants to show plastic is entering the food chain. We feed it to next generations.

But more so she wants to show us the solution.

One part of this project was to create a Plastic Madonna in Rio the Janeiro. Exhibited during the Olympics of 2016. Rio was the center of attention that summer. The Cristo Redentor will be on the tube a lot.

“But what’s that on the beach? A Madonna? Breast feeding her baby Jesus and made from plastic litter???” Why for heaven’s sake did an artist create a Madonna out of plastic litter?

By asking this question millions will become aware plastic litter is entering our food chain. To be more precise, we feed our children plastic litter.

But that’s not all she wants to tell us: We can solve this problem, and it is unbelievably easy.

If only people who want to give children a good future pick up 10 grams of plastic every day, together they will pick up 8 billions kilos of plastic every year. The same amount enters our ocean every year: The growth of the plastic soup will come to a halt!

There’s only one problem: People believe that the tiny thing we can do to create a better world is too small to make a difference. It is a drop in the ocean. So we do nothing.
But one only has to look at this statue to see that small things are the most important! The baby.

People believe in God’s, people believe in politics, people believe in technology. Now it’s time to believe in Humanity, because our strength is enormous!

Plastic Madonna want’s to be the symbol of that believe!

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Visit “The Power of One

With the Klean Foundation we are working hard to create the final Plastic Madonna.

Plastic Madonna is an in initiative by Peter Smith. Together with the KLEAN Foundation we are working to make this project a succes.